We are all divine souls living out this mortal existence.  It’s our job to live in the most extraordinary way possible.  We all have a unique giftedness that makes us who we are and puts our personal stamp on whatever it is we do.  It’s our job to recognize our divine beauty and release our inner fabulous in a way that changes how we live our lives but also changes the world around us.  We have to let go of our ego and engage from our soul.  We have to silence our inner critic and practice self love.  Loving ourselves, and I mean all parts of us, will allow us to truly love others.  You guys, life is hard sometimes.  We have anxieties, depressions, comparisons to others, too much to do, total burnout, trials and hardships, etc, etc, etc.  I started down this path to self discovery and love because I wanted to create a mindful and joyful life in spite of all the hard stuff.  While there are many ways out there to get you going and countless more influences as you go along, here is my list of essentials to jump in and begin:

1. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene’ Brown
This was one of the first books I read once I realized I wanted a soul filled life.  She describes it as “Wholehearted Living.”  It’s about owning our story, loving our imperfections, operating from a place of worthiness, and letting go of external expectations.  It truly impacted me and I recommend it to anyone who is starting their own journey.

2. Meditation
This is a scary word.  It terrified me in the beginning.  You will probably feel terrible at it right at first and maybe feel like it’s not working for you, but it is.  When you meditate, even for a few minutes, you are letting go of all the external forces in your life and going inward.  You are teaching our mind how to find calm and peace, even amidst stress and anxiousness.  Start small, three to five minutes a day.  Use visualizations, count your breath, or create an affirmation and repeat that in your mind.  You will feel it’s effects immediately.

3. Yoga
The breathing, Pranayama, and the body movements, Asana, involved with yoga can have a direct impact on our minds.  A regular yoga practice will introduce self awareness and mindfulness into everyday living and allow discovery, patience and acceptance of your true self.  Whether it’s three times a week or every day.  Whether it’s online or in a yoga studio.  Practice, practice, practice!

4. Start A Journal
When you write in a journal, you are writing your story.  You are writing your thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears, insecurities, desires and enlightenments.  It’s no surprise, then, that self discoveries are made from writing in a journal.  It’s like really cheap therapy!  All you need is paper and pen (or a computer, if that’s your style).

Starting this journey will lead to a more mindful, creative, joyful and harmonious existence.  We can find peace that will permeate our everyday living.  We can go forward with the confidence of knowing who we truly are and that our voice in this world matters.  I am starting this blog for myself and my own journey and also to inspire others along the way.  It’s a place where we can do it together and develop a powerhouse of soul sisters that have our backs when the going gets tough.  I’m not where I want to be.  I still struggle daily with those things that weigh me down.  But that’s why I am here.  Through yoga, meditation, Mother Earth and self awareness, I am everyday a little closer to enlightened living.  So what are you waiting for?? Start Your Journey!

Start Your Journey