Lessons From The Mat: Episode 4

Since my struggles with anxiety began, I am always on the lookout for more tools to keep in my “freedom from anxiety” toolbelt. (I just came up with that term, but I am liking the sound of it!) When you are aware of the possibility that anxiety can strike at any moment, it helps to have your trusty toolbelt handy. I am working on a post about some fabulous tools I already have in mine, but I learned something today that is just too good not to share right away.

Let me preface by saying that I have been participating in the Overcome Anxiety Challenge that the lovely Grace Smith has put together. She is a renowned hypnotherapist and has put together this 21 day challenge for anxiety sufferers. I’ve been doing the daily online hypnotherapy sessions and reading the book that goes along with it. While I can’t say that the hypnotherapy itself has been tremendously wow-factor helpful, overall, the course itself has been fabulous. The hypnotherapy has been as helpful as meditation has been, so still a win, and I have learned little tidbits of wisdom that have stayed with me.

Today we worked on something that struck me hard and it’s definitely worth repeating.

Life Lesson: You Do Not OWN Anxiety

I can’t tell you how many times I have described anxiety as MY anxiety in the past 5 years. As if I own anxiety and it’s as much a part of me as my dirty-blonde hair and bow legs. This is so wrong and a little messed up! Why would I want to claim something that has been so detrimental and negative in my life? I wouldn’t and am now seeing how that kind of thinking has only been hurting me in my quest for peace.

Anxiety is just simply anxiety. No one possesses it. It’s a completely separate and individual entity. It’s not part of who I am or who you are. There are times when anxiety will be present in our lives and hanging around, but it is not a part of us. Once we denounce ownership and call anxiety what it is, it cannot control us. Mind blown, am I right? Insert epic crash sound! Okay, maybe you won’t have an epic transformation from this like I had, but it does bear thinking about.

And that brings up another question… What other negative thought processes are we taking ownership of that we can let go?

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