Lessons From The Mat

I am starting a new segment on the blog titled Lessons From The Mat. One of the things I love about yoga, and I love lots of things about yoga, is that beautiful life lessons can be found during your practice. It’s insane how you can be mid vinyasa flow and then BAM!, a life lessons smacks you in the face. And then you are sitting there going “Huh.” If you have ever experienced this, it’s seriously the coolest. If you haven’t, more incentive to get your yoga on!

These posts will be born from the “aha” moments that I get from my daily yoga and meditation practice that are worthy of sharing.

Life Lesson: Life is Cyclical.

During your yoga practice, you can have moments (or minutes!) of difficulty. Moments of strenuous work and major fatigue. Your muscles are shaking and your mind is screaming for relief. But it doesn’t last. Before you know it, the relief has come. You are letting it go through a vinyasa and finding blessed stillness in downward dog. You find that you can breathe again and find your center.

Isn’t this just like life? We have moments (or days or weeks!) of difficulty. Moments of strenuous work and major fatigue. We feel like we can’t take another step and are all alone. We are drowning in our emotions and feelings and can’t seem to get a breath. But just like on the yoga mat, it won’t last. It feels like it might, but it won’t! Before you know it, relief has come. You can let go of all that negative, find your center and breathe again.

The trick is resting in the knowledge that the difficulty won’t last and finding the strength to ride it through to the other side. You have that strength. You have always had it!

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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