Like Unto The Earth

We are like the Earth. Powerful, strong, beautiful, peaceful, spiritual. All of these things start from within. Beauty starts within. Like the Earth, beauty comes from deep underneath what’s visible on top. And beauty can grown in the most desperate and awkward places. Can you imagine us saying that the Na Pali coastline in Kauai is not beautiful because it’s different than the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We would never say that, because each has a majestic beauty all their own. Beauty comes from within.

Strength comes from within. Like the Earth, we are deep rooted and solid to withstand almost anything that Mother Nature throws. Strength comes from truly loving and knowing ourselves and finding and becoming the divine warrior that we truly are. We all have a deep strength that we don't realize somewhere inside of us. Strength comes from within.

Peace comes from within. Like the Earth, we can radiate calm and peace no matter what sort of exterior forces blow our way. There are so many beautiful places on this Earth that have such a strong, spiritual, and peaceful energy that you can feel just by being in that place. I believe that we can be like that, radiate that same peaceful energy that comes from within us. No matter what life circumstances are with us at that time. Peace can permeate us because it comes from within.

Spirituality comes from within. We are divine beings. We each have a divine soul and a divine gifts here on this Earth. We are made in the image of God. Seeking spirituality ultimately brings us back to ourselves, deep within our soul where we are connected to the Almighty. Our spirituality grows the more we connect with our soul and ultimately our Heavenly Father. Spirituality comes from within.

Get outside. Be one with nature. There are so many reminders of our own beauty and power just by observing and connecting with the Earth.

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