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New Classes!!

Beginning June 11th, I will be offering two new yoga classes, Yoga Condition + Flow and Restorative Flow, located at ZuWire Fitness in Spanish Fork, UT.  Come join me at this fantastic new location!

Classes will still be offered at Lifehouse Performing Arts in addition to these new ones.

“Being your brilliant, quirky, wild, God-created self is the bravest and most adventurous way to live.” – Sara Torres

yoga and essential oils
Essential Oils

take your wellness to the next level!

My Tips:

On Meditation

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Yoga with Me!!



Ashley S.

Love yoga!  Whitnee Brings such peace and calm to the class.  I love the variety she offers.

Mary F.

I have absolutely loved yoga with Whitnee!  The atmosphere is perfect and she is great at teaching to all the different levels in the class.  Love, love, love her yoga class!

Karla P.

Whitnee knows yoga personally and how to teach.  The two together makes her classes an invaluable experience in building balance, strength, flexibility and self awareness.


Yoga is transforming.  I have been immensely changed since my return to yoga a little over a year ago.  And I continue to grow and change each day I practice.  That’s one of the beautiful things about yoga, the constant learning.  Not to mention the increase in self aw...


We are like the Earth.  Powerful, strong, beautiful, peaceful, spiritual.  All of these things start from within.  Beauty starts within.  Like the Earth, beauty comes from deep underneath what’s visible on top.  And beauty can grown in the most desperate and awkward pl...


I’m not sure if I will be able to adequately put into words what the practice of yoga has done to my life, but I feel I must try.

Yoga finds us when we are ready.  Ten years ago when I was a dance major in college, I started a regular yoga practice as a way to get some...

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Whitnee Jenkins

Artist, Dancer, and Yogi learning to live life mindfully, practice self love and be authentically me.  Enjoy!

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