Hmmm, where to begin…  I am a wife, mother, yogi, dancer, choreographer, photographer, artist, avid reader, soul searcher, Daughter of God and goddess warrior.  There are so many factors to consider when trying to define who I am.  We are all complex, beautiful, unique souls living out this mortal existence.  I started on my own soul journey about a year ago and along the way have discovered that I am a divine soul with a voice that matters and a giftedness to share with this world.  And so are you!

I believe learning to live a life filled with self love, mindfulness and abundant joy is our job while here on this earth.  Uncovering our true soul and learning to practice self love and patience with ourselves is not easy, but can be a joyful and exciting process.  Knowing we are of divine nature and were made to be exactly how we are, imperfections and all, can change how we live our lives and how we love others.

The beauty of yoga and meditation has been a large influence in my own soul journey.  Yogic philosophies and teachings, along with a daily practice of the asanas and meditations has brought into my life more self love, more mindfulness, more living in the present and more peace.  It has truly changed my daily living and I believe that it can do that for all who are seeking that self awareness.

This blog is about my journey to the soul.  And how I travel and navigate is through painting, dance and yoga.  It’s about bringing all us soul sisters together, because lets be honest, traveling with friends is a thousand times better than traveling alone.  So, come on!  Start your soul journey and start living an abundant life!

Hi! I'm Whitnee
Whitnee Elaine


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